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a literary journal published by the Black Earth Institute dedicated to re-forging the links between art and spirit, earth and society

Strange Wests, Volume VIII, Issue IV About Place Journal, June 2024 cover featuring the letters STRANGE WESTS filled with ephemera from a collage: magazine beauty photos, a ukulele, white yarn, on top of a light peach background

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Issue editors: Jasminé Elizabeth Smith & Matty Layne Glasgow

Assistant editors: Jake Skeets & Ashanti Anderson

Managing editor: Michael McDermott

Layout editor: Jesse Hughes

Web development: Creature Works

Cover artwork: Irina Tall Novikova, Dreams Collage

The More-Than-Human World, Volume VII, Issue IV, About Place Journal, October 2023 cover featuring a delicate, realistic drawing of a grayscale fox eyeing orange persimmons, isolated on a white background
About Place Journal, On Rivers cover featuring artwork by Stephanie Heit
About Place Journal, Center of Gravity cover featuring artwork by Natiq Jalil
About Place Journal, Navigations: A Place for Peace cover featuring artwork by Dustin Illetewahke Mater
Volume VI Issue IV When We Are Lost / How We Are Found cover
Geographies of Justice cover - Volume VI, Issue III, May 2021 - About Place Journal
Works of Resistance, Resilience cover – Volume VI, Issue II, About Place Journal, October 2020 – Edited by Jacqueline Johnson
Practices of Hope cover – Volume VI, Issue I, About Place Journal, May 2020 – Edited by Petra Kuppers and DJ Lee
About Place Journal - Infinite Country cover
Dignity as an Endangered Species in the 21st Century cover
Issue V, Volume II: Roots and Resistance, About Place Journal text overlay on photo of a protest
man in a hoodie holding a wild rabbit in front of a fiery landscape / Rewilding / Edited by Tammy Melody Gomez
Political Landscapes – About Place Journal
About Place Journal SOUTH cover image
Animals Among Us
Reimagine Everything Differently
The Future Imagined Differently
Primal Paradox
Earth, Spirit, Society
Enlightened Visions
Civil Rights 1963-2013
The Future of Water
Earth, Spirit, Society
Wall Street
Peaks & Valleys
Rust Belt Tales cover
I.I. A River Runs Through Us

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