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Issue V, Volume II: Roots and Resistance, About Place Journal text overlay on photo of a protest

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Issue editors: Lauren Camp and Melissa Tuckey

Assistant editors: Erica Charis-Molling and Katy Richey

Managing editor: Michael McDermott

Layout editor: Jesse Hughes

Web development: Creature Works

Cover photograph: Gabrielle Myers, Verdad/Truth – “Anonymous for the Voiceless” vegan protest on a Saturday in Madrid

man in a hoodie holding a wild rabbit in front of a fiery landscape / Rewilding / Edited by Tammy Melody Gomez
Political Landscapes – About Place Journal
About Place Journal SOUTH cover image
Animals Among Us
Reimagine Everything Differently
The Future Imagined Differently
Primal Paradox
Earth, Spirit, Society
Enlightened Visions
Civil Rights 1963-2013
The Future of Water
Earth, Spirit, Society
Wall Street
Peaks & Valleys
Rust Belt Tales cover
I.I. A River Runs Through Us

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