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Annie Finch

Center of Gravity

Special Election Supplement: Aftermath » Annie Finch

    • The Midterms, Abortion, and the Goddess — Essay

Center of Gravity

Poesis » Annie Finch

    • Salt of Abortion — Poetry
    • How to give back to the earth — Poetry

Works of Resistance, Resilience

There Can Be No Peace » Annie Finch

    • Sojourner — Poetry
    • Will You Come? — Poetry

Works of Resistance, Resilience

2020 Pandemic Blues » Annie Finch

    • Spell To Heal A House — Poetry


Decolonizing Lifeways » Annie Finch

    • Fire From Earth — Poem


Decolonizing Lifeways » Annie Finch, Lady Zen, Paul Servizio

    • Winter Solstice Chant: A Soundscape — Multimedia


Contents » Annie Finch

    • Editor’s Note —

Peaks & Valleys

Section 2: Poetry One » Annie Finch

    • The Atlantic —

A River Runs Through Us

Contents » Annie Finch

    • Courtship —

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