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Martin Willitts Jr

Navigations: A Place for Peace

Gratitude: Solace, Sacredness » Martin Willitts Jr

    • In the Slow World — Poetry


Section II » Martin Willitts, Jr.

    • Entering and Leaving the Border: Here Is What I Have to Declare — Poetry

The Future Imagined Differently

Section 2 » Martin Willitts, Jr.

    • Pause Button —

Primal Paradox

Section 4: I Am (not) Nature » Martin Willitts, Jr.

    • Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Larvae on Black Cherry Tree —
    • Burying Beetle —
    • Landslide —

Voices of the Human Spirit

Section 4: Because we reach for a better, sustainable society » Martin Willitts, Jr.

    • This is not a Classical Bach Movement: this is Persecution, Again and Again —

1963-2013: A Civil Rights Retrospective

The Struggle » Martin Willitts, Jr.

    • Bus Ride —

The Future of Water

Section Three: Trouble » Martin Willitts, Jr.

    • The Absence of a Lake —

The Future of Water

Section One: Praise » Martin Willitts, Jr.

    • Ile Aux Fleurs —

Wall Street

Contents » Martin Willitts, Jr.

    • City of Tents —

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