among: of the local relation of a thing girl

to several surrounding objects beings

from the old english in the crowd or company of


among bobcat big-eared bat muskrat moose

chipmunk striped skunk rock chuck raccoon

cottontail black bear cougar snowshoe hare

meadow vole gray wolf mule deer masked shrew


among deer fly horse fly paper wasp hobo

swallowtail jewelwing praying mantis painted lady

pine beetle pine borer boxelder black widow

western white cabbage white twice-stabbed lady


among rainbow trout stickleback black crappie

largemouth bass bluegill brown bullhead pumpkinseed

mountain sucker whitefish walleye white crappie

(chinook and coho gone after the dam at grand coulee)


among western garter snake western skink american bullfrog

among great basin spadefoot among columbia spotted frog

among painted turtle rattlesnake northern leopard frog

among western tiger salamander among pacific tree frog


among western skink western bluebird golden eagle pacific loon

among cliff swallow violet-green swallow great blue heron canadian goose

among yellow warbler red-winged blackbird wood duck rock wren

among hermit thrush peregrine nighthawk kestrel merlin


cooper’s hawk among swainson’s hawk among swainson’s thrush among lincoln’s sparrow

harris’s sparrow among lewis’s woodpecker among williamson’s sapsucker among clark’s grebe

wilson’s warbler among wilson’s snipe among brewer’s blackbird among brewer’s sparrow

cassin’s finch among steller’s jay among say’s phoebe


with phoebe, my sister, i grow, animal among animals,

eye among eyes, gold leaf and clear glass,

tessera, tesserae, o little i let in this light