I am alone
in this mourning

making progress
with my arms

I want to hang
myself from a tree

—not like somebody’s
wet clothes

I could try to find
the deepest part

of the stream and
become a rock

For I long to
blend with landscape

because infestation
molests what I see

Makes me desire to
tear off my clothes

eat them
remove culture

Let my hair grow
in the movement of air

let the sun take
what it wants

I’ll stand
until I can’t

I’ll sit
until I sleep

I’ll lie
sacrificing my time

to the forces
—shape me!

Help me understand
what I have to do

to be leaf
I’ve come here

to view grains
my fingers trace

the sand
for a direct line

I’m not just
a visitor composing

’cause you’ve
given me the ability

Someday I’ll return
again to try to

merge into your
simple beautiful colors