not africa. abomination. almighty. blessed not bantu. boston, (because i am here, but i am not)

careless, careful (to defend) the deity (with dogged memory). error not ewe, everlast as in

eternal, eye not i. family, not fulani or fettered (floggings for forgetfulness). guardian godly

house, not housa. imagine judgment, kindness, laurels (lashings or lost meals). master mary

mistress (mine, mind) may i? no. not, know (know your place). negro, night-skin, ornery, owned

(opined oddity) open-eyed piety. purpose. (purchase is such peculiar punishment).


precarious prodigy quill, (quiet your question), quiver in reverence. restrained servants,

(ripped backside to breast), refused sacrament and salvation, (washed in saltwater salve). there is

triumph in the trinity (there is no saving you). be useful. (used and used to), verse and virtue (the

vanity of whites) and wilder. (the whip and welt) of x, (a felled cross, a mark in place of a name).

a letter, not a word (not exceptional, no exit) only y not why, and ye (though i walk through the

valley of) yes, (yes sir and yes ma’am) to zion.