My current obsessions are wildness, wilderness exploration and play. I was born in the Manawatu and enjoyed a rural childhood. Imagination and the outdoors ran hand in hand. Whole worlds were dismantled and put back together again.”

Caravan – Return and Repeat (2018) is a mobile performance work, a social sculpture, which involves the ‘hacking’ or occupation of urban systems to produce new experiences. The bicycle powered teardrop caravan was designed and built from scratch at home with minimal tools (a jigsaw and a drill), using the kitchen table as a saw bench, and working to a number of constraints, one of those being able to move through a domestic doorway. I toured the caravan on the Wellington Waterfront throughout the duration of the Performance Arcade 2018. Dwelling involves a social process, and this work investigates the boundaries between performativity and everyday practices of citizenship. Caravan is a hybrid object, at once a sculptural prop and locus for performance, a self-contained camper, human powered, and off grid, a symbol for alternative visions and counter narratives.

Caravan overlooking town of Wellington Caravan on beach at Wellington Waterfront Caravan being towed by bicycle along Wellington Waterfront Caravan on grass by marina in Wellington Caravan by Rebecca Patrick - picnic lunch