lignum vitae, wood

so dense it doesn’t float


I’ve been reduced to not being able to stand up in the shower


poetic, considering how much

the wood has given to ocean travel


Even reading a book is challenging and exhausting


an escaped ornamental

pruned to maintain a narrower profile


I don’t understand what’s happening in my body


the leaf is made of more

than one leaf-like part


Every day you wake up and you might have a different symptom


from a distance

like clouds of purple


I’ve had messages saying this is all in your head


as the non-native is not invasive

at the northernmost range


I understand there are so many unknowns


not so easily warped by humidity

or temperature changes


As a patient, I need acknowledgment


as a generalization, then,

it suffers from a reputation as slow


It has gotten better, but I track that trajectory in weeks, not days


similar to pomegranate seeds

either one is a worthwhile endeavor


Being a survivor is something you must also survive



Note: This poem is comprised of phrases found from the following two articles