fiddlehead I approach you gently

limber to erase my tracks

revise my introduction shuttlecock

make my edges feather ostrich kin

imagine my feet rhizomatic

brown prickly mounds home base

sandy soil happy

foreground limbic

spore prehistories

remember spring fronds

newborn woodshade green

touches yellow matures bold

trace your shadow

delicate curves reach

dentured teeth line your stems

vascular structures

humid inhale mossy


spines unfurl

nautilus wise

don’t worry

I’m not hunting

fiddlehead recipes

no harvest in your future

nor the mishap clip sorry

with the lawnmower

you alchemize climate change rain

into “never before” heights

crown the undergrowth and queen

resilient dinosaur royal foliage

late summer brush bare thighs

fan the warming air

museum of dew

each dawn your vibrating arms

we quiver