Praise the treehigh, leafwide skyworld,


praise the warp and weft of branchwood, the supple footways,


the shuttle of squirrelbodies plying their patterns


(oh, their abstraction, their improvisation, their swing!)


Praise the skyroute, the treeway, the tilted horizon,


the flip, the skitter, the dodge, the reversal,

the leap


Praise the geometry of space, its highways


and getaways, its tightropes and crossings,


its takeoffs and landings,


its plummets, crashes,


and saves


Praise the drip of sweetness in the tree skin


when the coldtime lingers, when the darktime brightens


Praise the small green shoots, the buds unclenching,


the sweetsmell and eggcrunch,


the digging and unearthing and resurrecting


of seed and nut and bulb


Praise dentine and enamel, the evergreen growth


of incisors,


the gnaw and scrape and puncture


of nutshell, bark, and roof


Praise leafshade in the bright time,

cool green flicker in the heat time


Praise the tail shade, tail sail, tail canopy, tail flag,




Praise the tailflick, the tailsniff, the chatter, the scold,


the scramble, scumble, and chase


Praise the windfall of beechnut and acorn, the mastyear


feastday, the larder-hoarding, cache-stuffing


leaf-dropping windtime


Praise the brimming puzzlebox of seeds


where the winged ones perch and scatter


as the moons of hunger loom


Praise the leaf-warm moss-soft drey-dome


in the treehigh sway of branchtips



Praise the radiant heat of bodies in the coldtime,


the harshtime


Praise slowing Praise slowing


Praise all it takes


to survive