Too cerebral writing about cities


City under a cloudless baby

City inhaling a smoke sculpture

Some cities gone of fire

Some cities queered until they’re not


This city—like all cities—is

palimpsest and beach

computer screen of a million moving images

rerouted river smoothing submerged histories


Burnt-out absent city

City of cigarette butts hot

glue-gunned to a cardboard core

contoured stacks of discarded filters


City as archeologist

Pillars of right-angled

wooden blocks City as sea glass


Cemetery full of trash

strewn over the deceased

and beloved bereaved


When they visited

to do research

we told them to leave


How macabre to walk home and think

about who died here and when


Teddy bear cellophane-taped to a light pole

City built over burial grounds

City increasing burial grounds


Can’t pretend the city kills everyone

the same way