if all the black women are going to mars

i want to sit with all the women i love

i want the black woman to call out on speaker


“hey babys welcome to your flight.

we got all the baddest bitches flying y’all to your destination today.”


& then someone other black woman jump in & say

“greetings my nubian sisters & welcome to your flight

because it’s your time. because you are worthy to fly

to the mother land of mars. ase.”


& then i want some

other black woman to jump on the mic & say

“buckle up. safety first. we’ve got peach cobbler &

mac & cheese on this flight & we all say please & thank

you. as you know the elders are sitting in first class

& you all can take turns washing their feet or getting

them any damn thing they want. amen? amen.”


i want the soul train line to begin & end the flight.