Look, you wanted a miracle right

like after every rain

a rainbow


so how about I shoot cosmic rays through the atmosphere

every evening around sunset

turn the whole sky into a crazy pastel painting

you should see the math that explains it


I’ll throw in mornings too

Monet loved those


I tell you what

I’ll even double-double down in my City of Angels

run double palette sunsets between the smog layer and the marine layer

I can still adapt with the times


I hear you’re stuck at home now

so come on out, it’s free

just you and me and the sky


just tell me what you want to see

sun dogs and moon dogs

fog bows and sky punches

lenticular clouds on the peaks


when you’re travelling again

go up on Haleakala

cast a Brocken spectre

watch your shadow stretch out over the clouds

a giant you wrapped in a glory halo


and if you missed the last one

see an eclipse, see totality

or head up North

I’ll light up the nights with swirly soft-serve neon


just me waving hello to you

no matter where you are


you should think about it

there’s a lot to see here