Two relatives I gain from a marriage
that no longer exists pray for a sign
from my father find one in a Wyoming
hot springs’ stranger who shows them
a chunk of meteorite
It’s from the Czech
Republic which is where deep down
my own body is from or at least where
my soul landed
It’s a healing stone
like the meteorite my father hung around
his neck after his father hung it
around his neck passed down patrilineally
so it will never hang around mine
When I say I am jealous someone asks
what doors do you keep open
for signs? There is no answer
to this question I don’t want
a lingering ghost to tap me on the shoulder
and if my father came healed
I might not recognize him
Who is my father when he is not
the addictions and what created them?
I don’t know and so a sign would need to be
something unexpected anything
I didn’t intend though I pretend to intend
everything It’s not enough to see
his name in the mail so maybe what
I’m looking for is
exactly this silence
I already have