They say that in the very old days the Sleeping Ute Mountain

was a Great Warrior God who came to fight against

the ones causing much trouble and the Great Warrior

defeated the trouble-ones but was badly hurt and lay down and

fell into a deep sleep and became a sacred mountain with the

uncanny shape of a giant body lying on its back, arms folded

across its chest, each crest and fall in the mountain tracing the

profile of a nose or elbows or knees and this is not one of those

landmarks you have to squint and tilt your head just so to see,

this sleeping Warrior God who lets rain clouds slip from his pockets

when he is happy and who would one day awaken and rise up

to help in the fight against the enemies, or as some kids would whisper

on the playground or at the pool, that the Warrior would awaken and stomp

on the whiteman, and I was a white kid living at the base of the Warrior God

mountain and the shadow of that giant sleeping body would catch my eye

on the way to school, the pointy toes itching to move.





Note: The myth of the Sleeping Ute Mountain is from the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe