My world, up close,

Looks strangely familiar.

Apple and pear blossoms

Burst from silent limbs.


I have the Senator’s number

Memorized: 2o2-224-3121.

I call regularly to voice concern.

The young, subdued staffer

Recognizes my voice, listens

And says, “I’ll pass that on.”


A robin is bouncing around

Newly planted pea seeds.

Just looking, not taking, I pray.

The rhubarb plant’s green mitt

Widens up as if to catch

The sun’s original orb.


Inquiries to the Office of Government Ethics

From concerned citizens

Has increased 5200% this year.

I know I am not alone.


The heart of spring

Holds many contradictions.

Snow still coats the foothills

While tulips and salmonberry blossoms

Expose their frailties to warmer mornings.


This denial and bullying is not us.

We’ve degenerated to

The shadowy backside of freedom.


I walk barefoot in the cool grass

Embrace my expanded belly,

My own personal march for science

And life and beauty. I sing to

The one I am welcoming to this strange world.


How do I dodge despondency?

Where does my small voice find thunder?


I am not hopeless and I am not leaving

But I am not sure where I belong in this unwritten history.