brush the spokes from your hair sweet lady let them penetrate

the ground let go an uncut foot

with yellow flowers

fall like eggs

stillborn on the earth let your vile shell slacken

still herald dead animals

from their shyness sweet nostles nopals

let your red buds boom loudly

like low insects

bloom with droning heat let go through weariness a desert

accumulates metal verbs in loose flesh

permit the tuna to assemble eve’s silence its ghouls

its latin leaven

with spite salt sabres

permit yourself with rent envious with ovaries


you are the prettiest queer around


will you let your throbbing energy penetrate this compacted

soil? will you come and help, nōchtli?

let your pads down on our poor

poor earth

next to my scrabble my soft round hand

ayúdame help me help us

send roots to ping in new hope

rootlet, loosen sensitive tips

explode this hard baked crust

so that the miracle can visit us


the last of me, the last of you that I can see

but there’s this land sea

the far, wide open of genus of polyploidy

you circumvent old school naming

travel far and deep you blush you rear you fruit

then bird and I nibble nurdle nectar from your flesh


you are the prettiest queer around


when my praise song is done let your cold grace shine on

sop up this mess

blood sings in heavy metal desert drone

there’s your pad

fine hair defence out

shift this crack


reverb and pulse this land