the word rejuvenation is often used to describe geological or biological processes:

the uplift rejuvenated a river valley

politicians are rejuvenated by infusions of vampire blood


but perhaps most importantly the word rejuvenation is used

to describe how a soil system is returned

to an earlier state (not through “development”

but the opposite, “undevelopment,” or “rewilding”

or “laying fallow” or “leaving it the fuck alone”)


seeds brought by plants

seeds dropped by animals

seeds wanted and unwanted

we watch and wait, and intervene

selecting, if we have labor

and funding, which

plants get to stay

and which get ripped out,

feeling down stem

to find the end of the root

and then, pull


we depend upon a subsoil mycelial network

or worms that digest plastic, all the

lumbricina carbon capture possibilities

upon whom we place a lot of expectations


we may have forgotten, actually

how soil is formed

so, instead, we let it blow away

let the invasives take over

let it be buried under skinny skyscrapers

let permanent shadows fall upon it

let long shadows fall upon the fields

let the fields of sun be dark half the day

let half the day be dark let

it be completely unproductive

let us not put each tree in a pot

let us not make trees be decorative

to please us

let us not incite

trees to hate us

let us not hate

trees; let us not

hate green things

let us let them alone

let us let them be

with each other

in abundance