I was inspired by the theme of ‘rewilding’ to consider how I would rewild my own, physical body, as well as to think of my body as land that could be traversed. I spent the month of February setting prompts for myself that I thought would contribute to this rewilding: improvising outdoors, holding insects, eating fermented foods, etc.

Through watching the videos I took of my improvisations I began to notice that by setting myself to the task of ‘rewilding’ I was actually circling back to certain themes: eating, foods, and predators; death, grief and bones; seasons and summer; desire and love; not knowing how to do something; mythology/ magic; and gone/ being, to name just a few.


“Why am I moving?” you might ask. “You’re getting the path all muddy. The other animals don’t move like you,” you could say.

“Yes, but,” I would respond, “The moving gives me words. Gives me the words, to give to you.”

Part 1: Grief

Part 2: The Bear

Part 3: Desire