The fan of holy

uchiwa or time  bending

  folding and unfolding.


Like scalloped


         of swallowtails—

     pipevine papilio.


Or Monarchs

   marking range

       as they cross

and  recross borders;

milkweed or common tiger,

their weave     of migration,

   of color.


Or ribbon rosettes   accordioned

military awards   (remember

to distinguish  wing wave

from waive—as in 28 federal laws).


Ripple effect

    of chaos theory.


The spend of title (Individual #1)

of partisan laws:

oil greed disguised

as job security,

a tinker toy wall as pristine




This epidemic

death  by paper—

of the Grand Staircase

Bear’s Ears and 200 butterfly species—

(here the blur   of copper viceroy

there the black smear

     of sovereign

authority  viceroy becoming



     Yes, each purple proclamation

booms (ex/im) plodes

another cannon song (cymbal)

   across      captured lands—

(symbol) these americas.


Still winged


the power of small—

       these words.