my sacral replacementbarn swallowpelvis now cheerfully warbles


these tawny underparts

open country

burst of motion tight



hinge  jettison  my ersatz


clicks  crack  pain

now forked

tail flutters

I’m steely blue passerine bird parts

perch where I want

my gait elongateslegs a runwaypubic bone apex

all that sacroiliac crest & sitz

bone labor of ground

& root

at last swallow frenzyskysky!

feed on the wing

tiny ligatures hold us together

orchestrate levity

high altitude persuasion

my eyes sharpen to panorama

I’m an aerial insectivore

pelvic butterfly now bird

I start to think in open structures

ponder living in other people’s homes

my fledgling instincts

ball & joint hypotheses

forget straight flight