Sacred kingfisher strikes spectrum into window pane but we don’t know

what’s happened — it duplicates, and we see it this time


Sacred kingfisher perches on the verandah rail, tracking insects

which double-image against glass and it strikes its rival, its own time


From inside the half-light of house we are part of the reflection

but, standing back, not part of a transparency, slightly out of its time


Its time. Subject object, insect. But kingfisher detects us just before

being swooped by a jiddy jiddy, turning to face origins, beak agape


Subject-object, angles of flight. Insects high-lit against polarised glass

now transparent with shifted perspective, and other birds doubled in time:


rufous whistler’s warning call, yellow-rumped thornbills hopping

sudden over low scaffolds of dry grass; morning of insects and kingfisher time.