colorful floral illustrationOne day when I was walking along the street, I noticed that all of the people, that I saw, were different. It reminded me of a bouquet of flowers, clustered together, but everyone unique in their own way. Different shapes, colors, and sizes, like different flowers, roses, dahlias, zinnias. It’s like when people’s lives are together, they create a variety of amazingness, all over the world.

My name is Shakina Thomas. I am a 9th grader with a creative heart. I was born in Fort Worth Tx. I go to Eastern Hills. I am temporarily at Metro, because of choices that I made. I may have taken the wrong path, but here, art has raised me up and given me a sense of renewal. I have overcome pain from my past. I thank Ms. Dufo for getting me to draw. It has given me a new sense of creative freedom.