Abuela, or grandma, is a very important person in Mexican culture. She embodies strength, love, and family. Socorro (2015–present) is an ongoing project that documents the artist’s grandmother, Socorro, in her home of the last 50 years. Socorro the backbone and matriarch of the family. The work focuses on the last chapters of her life as an elderly woman who faces many health challenges. The energy and climate of her home has shifted as well as her role in the family. The photographs record this transitionary time and the details of her daily life. Socorro’s home is no longer the place where family frequently comes and goes, meeting for menudo or tamales, birthdays and holidays. It is now a place where Socorro moves along slowly and quietly watching her novelas and news. It is a peaceful home full of memories of joy, love, care, and loss.


close up photo of a elderly woman's hands preparing nopales

close up photo of Abuela roasting tomatoes
Roasting Tomatoes