For starters we call for reparations for every brownface taco

modified by the words macho or mucho macho or macho nacho or nacho mamma


We call for reparations for every brownface taco

that suggests something dirty gross or wrong as in

pink taco dirty taco wet taco illegal taco nacho cheese dorito loco taco

hairy biker’s bandido taco chi-chi’s foldables pocket taco dirty sanchez taco

and all things tuesday taco


And you can keep your mission position donations

this is no charity cotillion we’re demanding reparations until all food is fair food

can we get an órale


For the main course we want you to know we are not unaware of your NAFTA flex

it’s not lost on us how only hipsters can afford heirloom grade handmade tortillas

while Indian people die from processed food obesity

brought to you by cheap commodity corn stuffed down Mexican throats

by Monocle Man of the North


Have you left room for just deserts? Fantastic let’s roll in the cart:

we claim maíz as cultural patrimony and enchiladas as intellectual property

we call for reparations until bordered bodies circulate as freely as our burritos

until our children are as beloved as our chalupas

can we get an órale


We call for amnesty of our sacred corn and amnesty for all gente de maíz

not just the ones who have “done nothing wrong”

we want our straight A student but no less or more than the mother

who speaks no English and spells Spanish creatively

as when she switches out the B and the V or the G and the H: a guebo

(in English this means moving toward the egg

but in Chicanish your’re saying by my testicle, yes oh yes)


You see, we want the homie with the felony conviction

the tamalera with her crooked sign

the grandfather with his gray pleather ankle boots from the pulga

tapping up and down the street like it’s 1964


We are not parasites pathogens predators or monsters

we are a nation not an infestation and if you’re a hater our zafa is our placa

we’re glad to serve it here: taco reparations brigade

con safos por vida a guebo