if something should die/ murder for botany


soil to say

watch out, I might take

out your breeding tongue, the swelled

sex & belted memories. You deserve

to be reborn  the holistic & blessing

to take life away

as my own prayer/ the earth & gamey flooding


if you continue to walk the streets

stirring madness

I am inclined

to slit your identity   & grassfield

you to goodness/ I miss playing


playground jubilee & sticky hand games


holding each other, candied

laughter & holding up


earth/ if i spit

in your eye, you may

see god


cutie pie newborn stench/ a savory

delicacy ruptured bathing/ I sing you

stray away songs



seaming into sunlight

linen hugging, I will birth love

for you, stranger from nothing


before the earth dies,

offer yourself, no

body to sway

for holy twenty four hour


soil to say





I saw the world in one take, wide eyed

Jungle quiet time. It’s been years since I’ve watched the sun rise, if there ever

was one. I watched the moonlight put

spotlight on all the trees/ bushes/ branches

Intimate, I could kiss it.


The beautiful thing about watching the sunrise

is hearing your brother giggle in his sleep

& every time you blink, the sky brightens.

I’ve seen blue only three times like this & it

makes my bones hurt. There was a moment where

I thought I was going to bleed out

out there. I’ll always feel this content when I think I’m about to die, maybe. I’m hungry, but

responsible for listening

to the chirps outside


Now. The blue blue outside & how sound the silence is behind those birds. A play on color

& a play on living, this is any space/

this where I’d like

To die. I’ve fallen in

love with living again. This time/

please let it stay longer.