Man kann das Land nur mit gebrochenem Herzen lieben. Frank Walter Steinmeyer,

President of Germany, 2020, at a remembrance of the end of World War II.


There are so many ways to love my land.

I loved it with my hand upon my heart

when bands played Bless America to start

our Homecomings, and we all had to stand.

I loved it driving through the hills and trees,

across the plains of corn and beans, the sun.

I loved the cities, with their endless hum,

and where our peoples seemed to mix with ease.


But time has compromised my youthful zeal.

The sacrifices, crimes, and willful greed

that undermine our country’s first ideals

have caused our people needlessly to bleed.

And so my broken heart leads me to kneel,

to love my land, but not forget its need.