—On the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, Oregon, 2016

Though I may never agree
with your version of tyranny
or property rights or gun ownership
as a means for public safety

and you may never accept
my views on salmon’s
and wolves’ right of return
or marriage equality

clean water we both understand
as a resource easily lost
without a will to work
together, right?

No one wants to live
in Flint right now
and no one wants another death,
another son or father to bury—

no more snow
spattered with blood,
no more video footage
replaying surrender

or suicide, replaying
the moment a deeper
chasm divides. Hate

Come. The weather’s turning
warmer. I know a place
far from the echo chambers
I think we’ll both enjoy.

Listen—the wild cranes
are headed there now.