a tiny fawn lies curled up in the grass, looking at the camera

Eclectic…it’s a word that easily fits my photographic aesthetic; however, more often than not, I find the lens of my camera, my attention, and my thoughts, focused on elements of the natural world.

The glories of perspective in a ground-up look at the sky from an insect’s point of view; the exuberance of an injured duck, unable to fly, yet flapping her wings in what can only be seen as a show of joy; the perfect trust and total innocence of a fawn encountering a human, almost certainly for the first time; nature overtaking the deteriorating work of human hands; the lines between the human and the natural worlds blurred as wood is seemingly transmogrified to flesh — or is it flesh being turned to wood?

It is difficult to attempt to speak for that which cannot speak — at least in the language of humankind — and it seems almost presumptuous to feel my photographs are capable of serving as interpreter. Nonetheless, I hope my work is able to transmit, in whatever limited form it is able, some of the emotion, majesty, and mystery of the lifeforms with whom we share the earth.