“God put me on Earth to do what I did. He made me.”

Samuel Little


“African-American, Native American and Alaska Native women die of pregnancy-related causes at a rate about three times higher than those of white women, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.”

Roni Caryn Rabin

The New York Times


“I shout down sirens

They bring no safety”

Danez Smith


His name is smallness / his deeds /



He hungered / feasted

silence / screams


we hear it, though


a subaltern


echo /


yelping / of dogs / of men / the man / and flame / and belts

unbuckling / shame / and prayer / and breath /

and hair /

and churches /

and shrapnel / bricks / over fountains /

counters / and sitting / a waiting /


a wet / the crimson / the soil / the lash / the bracing

the warm / the opening / the eyes / the release


we are still /

we are memory

we are silent chorus

we are still. we are still



smaller /


93 plus— / pre world / no armor / no more /


we are our unborn / we are /




we are us / we are directing / out /

it’s our emergency, only


exit /

our mercy