What happens when the world stops turning? Everything around you stops. Suddenly, you can’t breathe. The tears start to form and roll down your face and the pain hits you all at once. What happens when your world stops turning? I’m screaming so loud, but no one hears me, no one sees me. I’m dying, look at me! Help me somebody please! Anybody! Real unconditional love is only thought about, not spoken. No one really wants to speak upon it. When you truly love someone…I mean really love them, it’s hard to hold it in. It’s hard to not want the world to know that you have found your forever, your ocean, your laughter to your pain, the calm to your storm. It’s hard to not scream it from the rooftops. It’s like finally being seen. It’s like breathing all over again. You start not thinking of the what ifs, your past, your fears, or even your hurts. You mask the pain because for the first time in your life you start to feel okay. Telling yourself that you are okay, you begin to take a couple of steps, a couple turns into a few, and finally you start to heal. Realizing that it’s okay to love, and it’s okay to trust, you start loving with every fiber of your being. You hear God’s voice…the calm wind passes by and you breathe. It’s okay to breathe. What happens when the world stops turning? When you feel like stopping, when the days get too hard, and you want to give up? I think of you. My calm to my storm, my ocean, my forever, and my laughter to my pain. I think of you, and I hear God’s voice…and I breathe.