“Please help me undo this button.”
Lear, V, iii


It is either prepare to spend

a lot of money to get equipment

or make friends with someone


who already has room, staff,

equipment, and imagination,

and would be willing to share


now… in the spirit of keeping

live performance… alive… live.

(Though equipment is very hot stuff:


virus loves a microphone and lens

cap!) As for the show going on,

the authorities are only talking


about sport stadiums, renegade

churches, and restaurants…

but here in NYC we all know it’s code


for living theater, opera, ballet;

everything we love and live for…

Performers will HAVE to have


antibody tests… the divided self…

though, there are several plays

that might actually benefit


from masked performances.

Japanese, Venetian, French.

Modern. Or old Greek


masks with fabric stretched

across the mouths to keep spit

from flying all over fellow actors


standing, proclaiming from

the processional end. Hang

in there. This won’t last forever.


Wash those paws. Wilson,

a border collie, an alert sheep dog,

eyes a screen of sheep


from across a keyboard;

I, too, have shifted to working

remotely from home.