You create a colorful and varied list

of discrimination that will not be tolerated.


You reject systemic bias and violence.

You address a shameful past,


promise a better future.

But the names you know


are limited: George Floyd,

Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery.


Awful as their murders were,

police also shot and killed 171 Hispanics.


Antonio Valenzuela was

put in a vascular neck restraint


never to regain consciousness,

and charges against the officer dismissed.


Do you know Jayne Thompson,

who was deadnamed and misgendered


after being shot by a trooper

sent on a wellness check?


You would not be able to discover

why Brandon Laducer


was shot an unknown amount of times

by police in his home


on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation,

but Native Americans are most likely to die


from police shootings than any other American.