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Section 2: Poetry One

Jeanne d'Arc Church, Versailles. Don Mullan
Jeanne d’Arc Church, Versailles. Photo by Don Mullan

  • Máighréad Medbh
    • When I Was Ant
    • Yellow Woman (Eclogue in a dispirited time)
    • space

  • Paul Hetherington
    • Shangri-La
    • Six Different Windows
    • Pompeii
    • Fifteen-Year-Old Inca Child Sacrifice

  • Lauren K Alleyne
    • Silent Dances
    • Ode to Ghosts
    • 10 Most Sacred Spots on Earth

  • Linda Bidwell
    • Brief history of Summit conveyed to the residents
    • There’s nothing but weather
    • Life in the clouds
    • I go to the sunshine fair
    • Sunday at Shiloh

  • George Moore
    • The spatial representation of heaven
    • Yaks at basecamp
    • Descent to Furnace creek

  • Cait Johnson
    • Dawn birds of August

  • Annie Finch
    • The Atlantic

  • Julie Stuckey
    • Stormwatch



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