Join us for the Practices of Hope Reading Series!

Sankara Olama-Yai, Lorna Rose, Catherine Young, Nancy Lord, Syrus Marcus Ware, Susanna Lang, Phoebe Wagner and Brontë Wieland

Fridays: June 12, July 10, August 14 & Sept. 11, 7pm ET

YouTube Live:

Practices of Hope showcases creative processes as ways of making change. The artists and writers in this issue of the About Place journal ask: How can creative practice allow us to feel and act differently? How can we invent new collaborations and new embodiment practices for humans and other fellow creatures? What can speculative or non-realist forms mean for eco-arts? How can we imagine a different future with more of us in it? What hope can we afford? What hope do we need? Together, we reach for art that activates new relationships to embodiment, racial justice, climate crisis, species extinction, and environmentally located social pressures.

We invite you to come to these readings/artist talks/sharings, and catch glimpses of hope in hard times. 75 minutes, including time for Q+A.

The Readings Series and the “Practices of Hope” issue of About Place Journal are edited and organized by  DJ Lee and Petra Kuppers, with assistant editors Catherine Fairfield and Rachel Sanchez.

Access Notes:
Reading copies: The links in the running order below go to the relevant texts, for reading along. Please email to get the relevant sections of the prose texts in advance (as they won’t be read as a whole).

Friday, June 12, 7pm ET

Friday, July 10, 7pm ET

Friday, August 14, 7pm ET

Friday, September 11, 7pm ET

We are ending our series with an editor reading, with guests.

DJ Lee and Petra Kuppers will read from their respective books, both of which appeared in March 2020 just at the beginning of the pandemic. Jacqueline Johnson, incoming editor for About Place’s next issue, Works of Resistance, Resilience, will host this last event as a way of handing over the baton. She will also read from her work.

We will have two additional guests with interesting book-length takes on eco-poetic approaches to our world, Orchid Tierney and C.S. Giscombe.