the sky broke violent & all jotxs fell to void

jotxs were the first beings to wormhole into themselves

they torrented tierra & agua cocooned

themselves in the thick mixture to

home themselves guarded

the motherland thought it was for the best

the jotxs pummeled onto jtxlnd

soil sustaining no injuries just glow

& wandered plains & flitted

through fields & sauntered into real names

they said thank you soil thank you creek thank you tree thank you

flower thank you air thank you space thank you jotx thank you jotx

thank you jotx

they said thank you jotx nice to meet you jotx do you wanna jump

in a lake with the rest of us jotxs have you ever been fucked

by a lake like a faggot & it’s so blinding beautiful

for over a millennia, the jotxs have lived—the motherland tried to kill us

all they really want is the option to kill us

what i know so far—

i am here &

when i meet another jotx i ask them

would you leave the motherland to burn, if you could?