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Section 3: The Mountain Was Alive

William Bishop

William Bishop

The Humane Planet

In a lucid dream I saw myself on the shore of an island. An incredibly cheerful person approached and introduced herself. Euleau transferred her thoughts and discovered I was a dreamer from a distant past. Eagerly she offered to be my guide and explain her world.

We entered a bubble of a vehicle and passed noiselessly along a rural path. Responding to my look of amazement she said the vehicle was energized using her own subtle vibrations centered in the heart region and resonant with cosmic rhythms. In this way we arrived in a spacious region with buildings in harmony with nature. The most heart-warming music streamed through the air. Euleau spoke of the profound sensitivity of people in her culture to rhythms and waves of energy vibrating at all levels from living things and throughout the cosmos.

Looking around, I was amazed to see how everyone was getting on so well with each other in this village setting and how people seemed genuinely interested in each other.

I was shown an area of intense human activity with thriving crops integrated with farm animals and told that farms were centers of community involvement and land is held in community trusts so there is no private ownership of land. “Here ownership applies to those who use the land. Farms are centers of an ecosystem where everything interrelates in a living way and farming methods are organic, observing annual rhythms to add vitality to the produce.”

Reading my thoughts of surprise at seeing people in small communities relating in a cooperative way with an attitude of reverence towards each other, Euleau explained: “This results from understanding that we have all been born from the same womb of Being so that humanity is a whole within a greater whole and not a multitude of separate individuals fighting for survival and supremacy in a senseless universe. We each have a basic spark of being in common and this is like sacred substance in the chalice of our body. Now if that sounds poetic, it is because this is matter for wonder. Since the cosmos is in a state of living becoming, we reverence all life and avoid exploitation and destruction and cultivate health and wellbeing and harmony with the cosmos. Knowledge of levity – the sphere of life-energy – has enabled us to develop moral-etheric technology which has made the old forms of destructive energy redundant.”

I was taken to see a school in a low, curved building, and told that the rhythms in human development govern education so that play and folk tales dominate the early years to help develop social abilities and imagination and emotional stamina. Later the intellect engages these enlivening forces in a robust physical and emotional body. I also saw how the creative arts were employed as a method in education to create self-reliant, free and strong individuals.

“Where I come from Euleau people walk around with head down as if bound to a hand-held device!”

“Yes, all that isolating technology and life-draining electromagnetic agitation of the ether is now history. We advance by making mistakes but we have to change when we find it necessary and possible. Long distance communication is now by thought transference using intuitive etheric wavelengths energized by the will.
This is not a utopia and we don’t aim for perfection because things aren’t static and new impulses are continually needed at rhythmic intervals to adjust to change as old forms lose their usefulness and become harmful. We have to take account of counter-influences. In spite of a degree of conflict the purpose of our culture is to enable personal freedom and support every individual person to achieve their potential and realize their task in life. Work is regarded as a vocation pursued out of individual initiative.”

“But I’m used to a world where people are dominated and exploited and where money rules everything.”

“Well here the organization of society we have meets the basic need for freedom and individual opportunity. The economy, culture and law function separately so that no single one dominates the others. Freedom applies in culture, equality in law, and friendship in the working world of the economy involving associations of producers, distributors and consumers. The economy then supports the free cultural and spiritual sphere, while law supports both the others without dominating them.”

“How does social harmony come about?”

“Crime hardly exists because there is no motive for it, so there is no police force, and because the three sectors of society relate internationally to the same sector – the economy to other economies around the world through the cooperation of producers, distributors and consumers free from domination by politics – there is no national conflict over economic issues and therefore no need for a national defense force such as army, navy or air force. Instead people acknowledge the cosmic setting in which human life can flourish and they focus on engagement in meaningful work and creative engagement in arts and crafts, scientific research and celebration of life through physical and spiritual culture. Our emphasis is on participation.”

“But if there is no need for an army this must mean there is no mass killing taking place. If so this is an amazing leap in moral development!”

“Yes. The degree of insight attained into reality has created a state of mind that affects feelings and moral attitudes. You see we know in experience we are beings inhabiting a richly populated universe. Our reality is this living universe of spirit and our physical world is a special case of mineralized spirit. Everything moves in continuous rhythms of evolution and the universe is alive. What was previously an object to be exploited is now seen as living and to be revered as ‘thou’. This reverence towards the world makes all the difference in the way we relate to each other and to nature. Human recognition of divinity is restored and knowledge of universal spirit extends to the whole of humanity. It remains for individuals to live according to their insight and capacity.”

“And yet people are so different from each other!”

“Yes, but we have been delivered from a system that divides and exploits. Our system works because we know we are enfolded in a great chain of beings and we participate in the ongoing evolution of consciousness. This is not theory or belief on our part but actual knowledge and this makes all the difference. Our awareness of an invisible field of forces enveloping the Earth and interrelating with the gravity-bound forces of matter, expands the paradigm for science to include levity – the dimension of the ether – as a creative counter-force working in matter. Consequently together with cognition of the cosmos as a living whole, people desire to live in harmony with the order of the living cosmos.

Again, knowledge of the evolution of the earth as a support system for the material body and an overall view of karma and reincarnation of the human self adjusts our attitude to life. We recognize that the essential purpose of the Earth is to produce and support the human material form and provide a material base for the drama of human evolution. This brings the heart to bear in our attitudes.”

“I get the sense you can be a person here and also feel yourself to be an effective part of a whole: a free person and yet responsible and connected with society. In the best sense this seems to be a form of cooperative anarchy.”

“Yes, human activity is seen as a whole and not split into compartments. Humanity thrives like an organism or an extended family where the key is friendship. People are not segregated by age but integrated in a single community. You see for us incarnation on Earth has a purpose and we are sensitive to connections of influence between us. We see a person’s life as a whole but happening in sequences. A single lifetime includes time on Earth between birth and death and extends into a discarnate life to complete the single cycle. Then the reincarnation of the essential individual spark of Being continues the sequence of development. Knowing this gives us confidence and assurance that we are embedded in an eternal process. We are part of a process and are individuals within it. Fundamental reality is beings and relations between beings.”

I wish I hadn’t asked about moral technology because I was told that Euclidean geometry, which supports the experience of gravity-bound space, has been supplemented by Projective geometry to support the experience of space structured by forces raying from the spherical periphery. Many other details followed.

“You see, these ideas which include a point expanding to an infinite sphere and so creating a force-field grants confidence in a life-sphere projecting into the material world, which in turn supports the idea of spheres within spheres, interpenetrating by inward projection. From the gravity-bound earthly point of view, the expanse of the surrounding blue sky provides a visual correspondence to this infinite plane of projective geometry. This supports the reality of the sphere of the soul and the surrounding and interpenetrating sphere of spirit.”

My eyes began to spin on hearing this. It was then that I awoke to find myself back in my old familiar world – but energized by wonder and hope.

William Bishop has been managing editor of Inscape since 1991, a quarterly black & white magazine for ‘personal work’ in photography. Other interests include philosophy, music, art, photography, writing, the perennial philosophy, the esoteric tradition, and spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner. Publications relating to these interests, including poetry, are available at The Inscape website is


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