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a literary journal published by the Black Earth Institute dedicated to re-forging the links between art and spirit, earth and society

Petra Kuppers

The More-Than-Human World

Communion » Petra Kuppers

    • Huron River Time — Poetry

On Rivers

River Bodies » Petra Kuppers

    • Whispers, And The Queer, And The Stars — Poetry

Center of Gravity

Praxis » Petra Kuppers

    • Maine Judgement — Poetry
    • Ghost Bridge of Ford Lake — Poetry

Navigations: A Place for Peace

Factual State, Future Spate » Petra Kuppers

    • On the Verge — Poetry
    • The Cracks in the World — Poetry
    • Dream with Adrienne — Poetry

When We Are Lost / How We Are Found

Restoration & Interconnectivity » Petra Kuppers

    • Membrane — Poetry

Geographies of Justice

In the Hollows » Petra Kuppers

    • Moby the Seadragon — Poetry
    • Cruisy and Drony — Poetry

Works of Resistance, Resilience

Fire, Wind, Storm, Flood » Petra Kuppers

    • After the Whales — Poetry
    • Endwaters — Poetry
    • Desert Song — Poetry

Practices of Hope

Editorial Comments » Petra Kuppers

    • Editorial Comments —

Infinite Country

East: Rebirth » Petra Kuppers

    • Travel Edges of Land and Sea — Poetry

Dignity as an Endangered Species

Wild Hearts/Wild Minds: Fins/Wings/Fur/Claws » Petra Kuppers

    • Sonnet for Mountains — Poem

The Future Imagined Differently

Section 2 » Petra Kuppers

    • Moon Botany —

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