at Snively Hot Springs, on the Owyhee River, Oregon


Morse code in the sky

bird braille

feel the air

feel the water


Sulphur stinks only from afar

eyelid hills soothe me

golden sunshine dazzles the bathers

your silhouette, reflected in the stream

steam rises in clouds

lens-shaped drifts in the starship world:

Mars surface, red stink

skunk sneaks over the silver surface.

Antisemitic jokes taint the river.

You, and I, my love, my wife love,

we are not altogether safe here.

They whisper around us.

Why is my hair so short? No cancer, no. The queer.

The queer loft of water vapor, rising.

The air. The water. The natural. The herb

medicine. Pot slinks to my nostril, twitches like a

black-and-white beauty behind the rock.


Whispers, and the queer, and the stars

one and another high up in the sky behind

bald sun dark sun cloud

lost baby bull brays in the road