Across the Detroit River peregrine

falcon steadies the W

of the Whittier Hotel on East Jefferson

translocal dispersal common loon

in winter plumage single blur crosshair

walking the ground of ourselves these

material bounds radiate clefts

in known & whose share of


seawall collapse


On West Jefferson aggregate pile

river-slip Revere Copper &

Brass uranium relict residual

radiation worrying Fort Wayne

Windsor Grosse Ile toxic colony

a type of matter over man

is or is not the measure

of this ghost ship split


what recovery makes


Meaning for which species

winter wren snag I saw it sing

near the handball courts

bramble low exposure & bristly

greenbrier lines built through

unanticipated merlin mistaken

for kestrel over kingfisher

on Blue Heron Lagoon


gadwall hidden within


Ring-necks & buffleheads

slow the car to watch a fox

devour a black morphed gray squirrel

then trot into woods

semiotic turn destruction as investment

as collateral for existence

grass carp European frogbit

or some yielding to


a similar sense of sameness


Leaf veins on wet ice

brown creeper branching trio

of tree sparrows litter rust-cast

concern-record dark garden

in terms of multiples

carcass sloughed in amber sap

or field note scribble

black-duck sleep out-sequencing


assemblies & symptoms