Pour silent word honey onto the back deck’s composite grey, resilient, and the water I remember the iris’s velvet tongue, bumble’s sticky black butt, tender hairs. Regurgitate: flower nectar pools in moon syrup, soothe trachea, knit the wounds I remember a pollen grain, school microscope ratchets up, down. This planet’s sweet acid fills valleys between pink spiky extrusions.
I fondle a frayed book cover, moon fields ready to fracture gently angular bucky sphere shields an air pilot’s pleasure dome calves exposed in Floridian swamp, mosquito whine, peer at horizon fire, lift-off to the stars liquid force exhales the vacuum. A breath. Sticky lung sap captures sphere in cocaine holes. I remember the cough, mucoidal flooding clears debris fields, red ball’s spikes hook into COVID logjam, beaver teeth fret at bloody molecules I make my will in my mind, fruit-shaken, fever rubs my eyeballs raw.