the way very small pinecones

look like microphones

at the gathering of powers

on the lively other side


tree power, fish power, rot power,

last power, invisible power, metal power,

blood power, ghost power, wind

power, cold power, color power, every

power always comes to share stories

by fire near the seashore at the mouth

of the long river


high power dances

deep power speaks

animal power makes smoke offerings

to the ten directions

speaking all tongue-gestures, body-glances

all are wanted & welcome here

in the eternal beginning


human power

alone in the mirror

is a no-show again

busy—always busy—

which is why they are so sad


fox solemnly circumambulates the mountain

drinks limestone water from the world’s cenote

scallops an elegant shit

atop the head of earth power

with lithe tail flick & clean asshole salute


everyone laughs, especially rabbit power