(after Sonia Sánchez’s “This is Not a Small Voice”)


this is no small isla

you seethis 33 by 100-mile splash of green

this island is large, long, a syncopated song

a sizzling, crimson flamboyán


this is no emerald speck

you seefloating between  two  swirling seas

Africa  &  Spain


Taino DNA


new migrations



this is not a flash of light


in a jet-blacknight


this is loam & cordillera

caña,plantain,  cascadesof

calloused hands


this is no small love

you seethis land

of  Maelo

El Topo


don Rafael

parcha-flavored verse

plumeria-scented breeze


this love is a porous arcof palm trees

pours itselfon balmy skin

like waterfallson obsidian

this love figure-eightsits hips

un  locksrusted gates

drips guarapofrom its lips


this loveis where I am




mi amor

you see,

thisisno small love