from poem by Muriel Rukeyser

abstract landscape painting featuring dark blue, gray and brown, stratified

Artist Statement

In an interview about his work, artist Anselm Kiefer comments, “Art makes a connection between things that are separated.“  In our time of extreme, polarizing ideologies, this insight gives art practice crucial relevance.

In preparation for this exhibition I couldn’t help but respond to our divisive times and ask myself  “What relevance do I have, What consequences do my own actions have in this place and time? What does it mean to confront the reality of being a physical, living creature inextricably bound to this land we inhabit? The earth produces our food and water that we consume, it sustains us, and in the end we will be returned to it. This is a starting point that binds all of us, no matter how far apart our views may separate us. Through the work in this exhibition I address this fact, with insights garnered from both current and past poets, writers and thinkers to dig deeper. Mary Louise Knotts asks in her book on political thinker and philosopher Hannah Arendt, “What unexamined prejudices keep us from thinking?” This exhibition explores some of these ideas through a range of methods, materials and repurposed  “stuff” to get to the “truth of the matter” so to speak, raising questions that embrace the frailty, wonder, and ever-changing, imperfect nature of being human.