The monks chanted Peace

over and over again, minutes

days, years, decades went by

in the winnowing chimes from

one life to the next they chanted up to

the cosmos and from one form to

another, from one name to another.


In this time of old wounds being reopened

as cousins and tribes kill each other

from Gaza to Ukraine,

what do we owe each other?


To allow the wisdom that is all around us

and within each of us to be our most

devout and agile guide

whether we reside in

a body or a different form.

To ransom Peace for Peace.


When will we see the true

death of the colonial era?

The pandemic revealed the

strength of the African continent

to prevail and emerge with the

lowest number of Covid cases.


As a new generation takes power

may they destroy last vestiges of the

French and colonial residue in Cote d’Ivoire,

Mali, Senegal and all of Africa.


The seasons change and collide and

water becomes more and more sacred.

What do we owe the earth?

Our deepest and highest respect.

How do we remember what our ancestors knew?

We are the earth’s stewards from one life to

the next, this planet is our most loyal host.

We are the burning for those yet to be born.