a high-contrast black and white comic "The Wrangler" about perceptions of satisfaction

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[a black-and-white hand-drawn comic]

Panel 1: “The Wrangler (for Catfish and Tom T. Hall)”
“The only thing I learned from getting my philosophy degree is that the most successful philosophers are probably farmers and cowboys.”
Three cel panel with black background, white title and white text. White fish with bubble cheeks are chased by a net.

Panel 2: “They had huge expanses of land in which to corral their thoughts.”
Scene depicting a cowboy on a horse throwing a lasso towards a herd of black steer against a mountain backdrop.

Panel 3: “They were the classic All-American Sages.”
Portrait shot of a scruffy bearded man smoking a cigarette, with the brim of his cowboy hat covering his eyes.

Panel 4: “So I made the most of my Bachelor’s degree.”
Head shot (view from the back of the head, face not visible) of a man wearing a mortarboard.

Panel 5: “I got a job wrangling guinea pigs (at Petco).”
Scene depicting the narrator/man wearing a nametag, holding a guinea pig above an enclosure, shouting “Whoa Nelly!” and looking shocked as the guinea pig chomps down on a little girl’s hand.

Panel 6: “I’ve been growin’ some crops too.”
Scene of the narrator smoking a joint and examining three marijuana plants in pots.

Panel 7: “And singin’ some high lonesome tunes.”
Scene of the narrator wearing a cowboy hat, eyes closed, playing an acoustic guitar and singing into a microphone. A spotlight is shining on him, casting a shadow behind him.

Panel 8: “Some days I gaze upon this particular paradise”
One point perspective shot of a rundown narrow street of an apartment complex. A black street runs down the middle, with buildings on each side. A tenant mailbox is to the left, closest to the viewer. On the right, underneath an a/c window unit, is an empty lawn chair and a bottle of beer. The sidewalks are cracked.

Panel 9: “And wonder if I’d still be yearnin’ for the same kind of majesty”
View behind the narrator sitting hunched over in aforementioned lawn chair, his face not visible (facing a black street), holding a can of beer and a cigarette. A black and white dog sits next to him, looking at him.

Panel 10: “If I was a cowboy.”
Three cel panel wide shot of a desert horizon, with shadowed mountains in the distance and a bright white sun descending behind them on the horizon. A rear view of a cowboy on a horse facing the horizon is on the left side, with the narrator’s dog in front of him.