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a literary journal published by the Black Earth Institute dedicated to re-forging the links between art and spirit, earth and society

Ann Spiers

Rabia O’Loren



we know

someday the sea

will pull back, sea creatures

drowning in air, then all that sea



a wall

a crestless wave

carries all up inland,

breaking boats, logs, shoes, roofs, trees mixed

with sea



and dogs, chickens

lifted up,  ride the sea

soon pooling, slacking, pulling back

strong armed


the men

hug rooted trees

while women, children, chairs

ride out to sea, and another

tall wave



with dying whales

and all the small Jonahs

the weaker Ahabs and us lost

at sea


Author Biography:

Ann Spiers is a multi-talented writer of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and plays. She is also a teacher, performer, and active organizer and juror in the arts community. She has written six books of poetry. Her work has also been widely published in numerous journals and anthologies. As well as teaching, Ann Spiers manages environmental and stewardship projects for land trusts. She is a recipient of many awards and grants, including a 2002 Writers Residency at the Willard R. Espy Foundation in Oysterville, Washington State Arts Commission, Bumbershoot Fiction Fellowship, King County Arts Commission Works-in-Progress, and others. See more at

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