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Section 2: Water/Blood/Being

Khalifa Khaliq

Khalifa Khaliq
Aquatic Adventure
Hold my hand tight as we submerge ourselves to unbelievable depths in the ocean of fantasies.
We will dance on the sea floor to an aquatic symphony. The floating notes of a Neptune quartet will awash us in a current of ecstasy.
The ocean’s currents pulsate with its harmonic waves. This blue world will pour its magic into our hearts as we swim through its splashes of joy.
Let’s swim through Mother Earth’s tears of happiness.
She is caressing our souls with her pool of peace. Let’s honor our global mother as she seduces our souls with her sensuous songs from the sea. Submerged in this world is a river of revelations. Let her waves soften your heart to what she has to say.
Listen to the songs of the blue whales as they reverberate around us. Their underwater ballads will carry us through a waterfall of harmony. We will cleanse the world with our bubbles of laughter. This floating dreamland will glisten with the sparkles of our hearts.
Let us swim to the surface. We can surf the tunes of this aquatic world and soak ourselves in a wave of ecstasy.
The hidden oysters of joy will reveal the precious pearls of our souls as we awash ourselves in this aquatic adventure. We will discover our true selves as we awash ourselves in the magic of the blue ocean.
Now is the time to submerge ourselves into the joys the heart.
Khalifa A. Khaliq has a obtained from the University of Iowa a BA in Communication Studies and has a BS in Elementary Education. He has been living and teaching in the Far East for the past 19 years. He has taught primary schools in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. He is the creator of Our Penpal in Asia (OPA), an international penpal program he initiated with Asian students and inner city Black kids in the America. He is also the creator of Blacks in Asia (BIA), a newsletter which educates U.S. Black children about the indigenous Black groups currently residing in Asia.

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