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Section 2: Water/Blood/Being

Lopamudra Banerjee

Lopamudra Banerjee
Mother Earth
Midnight Rain
Mother Earth
I kiss thee, green earth, with my malice and recycled flesh,
For what is your silence, but a decorated corpse
Dancing on the face of the mourning sky,
While the sound of fury crashes into your shore?
The hate and kiss, crisp and grilled
Biting, sucking, tearing each other apart.
I have learnt my lesson
Buying the thawed songs of yesterday,
Then freezing their fluidity
In cycles, burning, crumbling in the
Dusty bends of tomorrow’s vain melodies.
Yet I sink and toil, burning among heaves
Bending and breaking in splinters and chards.
It is just not my space,
But drowns me deep, sucking me away with
A band of old wives, witches, satanic faces.
The sky mourns in flood and draught
While we drown together, dancing in satanic waves.
I am the child of the green earth,
I am the old witch of malice,
Together, we hate and kiss the new, old earth.
Midnight Rain
Midnight rain slipped into my fingers
At the edge of my sleep, drifting down my body and flesh,
Draped itself in darkness, melting into the horizon.
A bird of shadows, my mind
Rests in the dense secrets of frosty nights
My body seeks the piercing pain of wild passion’s path.
I sink, seeking shelter in the melting rain,
The biting frost of winter breaths into me.
At the creeping edge of night, darkness stirs the ocean of this life.
Crystal drops shiver and dance in the wind;
Slip into a shadowed room of sleepless dreaming.
For years, ages, midnight rain from across the miles
Has moved around in darkest shades within a misty mind.
It surrounds me, shelters me, awakens me.
I wake up, trembling, burning to ashes, fading
In the crisp airs of the midnight rain,
My heart bleeds a few raindrops and stops to see
The earth, still alive amidst whispering rains.
Lopa Banerjee is a writer of poetry and creative nonfiction and a graduate student of English at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She is currently working on her creative nonfiction thesis, a book-length collection of narrative nonfiction titled ‘Thwarted Escape: A Journey of Migrant Trails and Returns’. Her poetry, essays, book reviews, ramblings on film and travel have appeared in Prairie Fire, 13th Floor Magazine, Ampersand Review, Fine Lines Journal, Incredible Women of India and Yahoo Voices. She has received honorary mention for a nonfiction entry to New Millennium Writings in winter 2010. She is originally from Kolkata, India. She blogs at

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