we ferry brackish routes to Sapelo                          trade winds shackle 
                               sugar cane & sea island cotton                  quicklime slaked to mortar  
                                                   the dead face Mecca                           Moorish traces 
                       Baptist churches  men / women sit left / right                 Hog Hammock              
                                  segregation         cows / pigs / horses  wild                on the beach 

                         air buoyant & sprung    unable to hold these histories     I move    
            wave rhythms               Gullah-Geechee tones                     tabby ruin crumble   
                                                                     the ferry sounds its horn           only transit off or on 
                                                                                            unless              (egret / pelican / stork      
                                                                                                            alight the sky    wing beats)
                                                                                       you can fly

                                                      scenery drawl                    spanish    moss    draped    limbs    
sandspurs stuck to my crocs   (georgia cowgirl)                    cochlear sting 
                    mosquito operatics                 ready beaks,     dippers to my red
                                                              bird (what is your name?) with ventriloquist tendencies